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script permettant de calculer le lever et le coucher du soleil a une date et un lieu précis

from sunrise import sunriseClass
import datetime
import time
#mySunrise.setLocation(34.052222,-118.243611) # Los Angeles, UTC -8
#mySunrise.setLocation(41.012222,28.975833) # Istanbul, UTC +2
mySunrise.setLocation(48.856667,2.350833) # Paris, UTC +1
#mySunrise.setLocation(46.711667,4.696667) # renseigner votre location 
coucher = mySunrise.sunset 
lever = mySunrise.sunrise
print("Heure lever {}".format(mySunrise.sunriseTime))
print("Heure coucher {}".format(mySunrise.sunsetTime))